Cosmic Dancer. A ghazal by Alison Marshall.
Her honour won't let her say it, even one more time.
It befriends ruin; no use in going there another time.

She is the shadow at the back of his mind.
Spiritual connections are manifest in their own good time.

She has paid her emotional debt and can't lose now;
simultaneous redemption is the promise of sacred time.

Why deny the cupbearer's gift of wine? Caging the heart
is like caging the mind, and prisons are no way to collapse time.

Face your temptations, companions of virtue.
Shine those merciful susceptibilities, while there's still time.

She's removing her veil! Will you slit your throat
or place your soul between those lips for all time?

Zaynab, go tell him I have bled another poem.
Perhaps the sun will shine on me again sometime.

Spring 2001 Ghazal

Deborah P. Kolodji's 
Ghazal. Red Slider's