The Gag of a Vicious Effigy

Caress the midnight fairy-tale, make it whatever it wants to be
Curse the sun but nurse my illusive heart with me.

Flush my melted purged crystal down the toilet
My Doppelganger makes eye contact with me.

Golden head and silver breast, feet of iron and clay
Across a beach of lustful sand he walks with me.

Flashback to tomorrow, predict beyond yesterday
Sing silent lullaby, the mermaid drowns with me.

Soldier of fortune, teller of Christ
Your St.Vitusy panic dances with me.

Delicious algorithm, feeding on your tearful magic spells
Changeless salt hatchings of guilt, will you change places with me?

A toast to Anti-Midge movement, will you not join?
A secret convolution, evolution, or revolution conspires with me.