Autumn 2000 Ghazals.
A Ghazal by Alison Marshall

Learning How to Make Them Sing and Dance
Ten Ghazals by Mike Barney

A Ghazal by Jane Reichhold

A Ghazal by Werner Reichhold

A Ghazal by Rick Slottow

About the Poets

An abstract image suggesting an autumn storm.
The Autumn 2K Ghazal Page includes four individual ghazals, three by poets whose work you've seen here before and one by a poet new to The Ghazal Page.

The new poet is Rick Slottow; the three familiar poets are Alison Marshall, Jane Reichhold, and Werner Reichhold.

This issue also includes something new and more ambituous: "Learning How To Make them Sing And Dance (Ten Ghazals for Jim Harrison)," by Mike Barney.

This sequence of ghazals presents an extended meditation on the conditions and boundaries of an individual's life.

The five poets in this issue have given some powerful work to consider—enjoy!