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Submission Policy

The Ghazal Page publishes excellent ghazals that are original in English or ghazals translated from another language to English. We encourage experimentation with the form, but the result should still be recognizable as in the ghazal tradition.

The Ghazal Page asks only for first publication rights; all other rights are the author's. Any subsequent publication should acknowledge The Ghazal Page.

Submission Format

All submissions must be sent in the body of a plain text email. Use this form to send your email. (The feedback area will expand as you add text.) In the email state the following:

Send three to five ghazals in a submission.

If your submission has special formating requirements, explain these in the email and attach a file that shows the intended formating. Please do not try to help by tagging your ghazal for HTML. I'm moving toward complete compliance with HTML 5 standards, including CSS. Inevitably, I would need to make changes. Using HTML editors will not help.

If your submission is translated ghazals, please identify the original author and language in your email and affirm that you have the right to do this translation and publish it in English. Include or attach a copy of the original work.

Optional Photo and Bio

If your ghazal(s) are selected for publication, you may have a photo and a brief bio included in About the Poets. It will make the process run more smoothly if you include a photo and brief bio with your submission or in an accompanying email. The photo should be a head-and-shoulders shot. All photos are scaled to 100px width, so please keep that in mind. The link goes to About the Poets for 2012. Please take a look to get an idea of what other poets have submitted. The photo and bio are optional; you do not need to submit them for your work to be accepted and published, but readers do appreciate them.

Submission Periods

Submit ghazals only in the following periods:

February 1 -15for publication in March
May 1 - 15for publication in June
August 1 - 15for publication in September
November 1 - 15for publication in December

Ghazals submitted outside these periods will not be considered.

Challenges and special issues will be announced separately.

Use the contact link at the top of this page to email The Ghazal Page.

We appreciate the opportunity to read your ghazals and to publish the best of them. Thank you for sending your work.

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