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The ghazals selected from the ekphrastic challenge are now online. They constitute the last issue for 2012, making an excellent closing for a year that has seen publication of excellent ghazals, some of them challenging the form and the concept of poetry. I hope for equal quality in 2013, along with a more consistent publishing schedule.

Please see the new policy for submitting ghazals and send me your best!

The regular issues for 2012 end with these provocative poems by David Jalajel. The ekphrastic challenge issue will be published by the end of the year. On the index page for Issue Five, you will find comments by the editor. As always, I encourage you to read the poems first, then, if you wish, read the comments. You will find that the visual, asemic, ghazals are not texts to be read in the usual way but still can be "read." We hope your sense of reading a text will be refreshed by these poems both asemic and qasida.

Mon Sep 10 11:49:21 2012

I'm very pleased to present the four ghazals in Issue Four. I hope you will find them rewarding both as ghazals and as poems as such. The next issue, Five, should be out sometime in October, and the results of the ekphrastic challenge by the end of 2012. There are outstanding poems to come in these two issues.

Here, at long last, is Issue Three, with four poets. The five ghazals in this issue embody several different ways of writing ghazals in English, while staying true to the form.

Issue Four will be next, with four ghazals. Issue Four should be published in September. After that, Issue Five, the last regular issue of The Ghazal Page, will present four asemic, visual ghazals by David Jalajel. I expect that issue in October.

Also to appear this fall: the results of the ekphrastic challenge. Just as that challenge was difficult, so editing the ghazals submitted is challenging, as well as rewarding. I hope this issue will appear in December of 2012.

So far, the new schedule — publishing an issue when some good ghazals are on hand — is working well. The issues are small and won't get to be more than a dozen poems. That way, issues can be published in a timely way, even if irregularly. The first two issues each have two poets and six poems. Each issue has a poet whose work has appeared before on The Ghazal Page and a poet whose work is new to TGP. I trust that you will find these ghazals rewarding.

It has taken longer to prepare and publish the results of the music challenge than I'd anticipated. Thank you to the poets and readers for their patience! There are nearly two dozen poems here, varied in tone, image, style, approach, but all ghazals. Despite the time it has taken, I have enjoyed compiling this issue. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Here is the first issue for 2012. The new schedule is flexible and open-ended; that should ensure a much shorter time between submission and response and publication for the poets. I hope you will enjoy this half-dozen ghazals by two accomplished poets. I'm also reviving the editor's comments on the ghazals in each issue. If you have comments or suggestions, please send them to me or post them on my blog.

The issue for the music challenge is nearing completion. It should be published in a week or two. There will be notification on my blog and to the mailing list. The new challenge will be announced after the publication of the music challenge issue.

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