March Equinox, 2011

Editor's Comments

For the last couple of years, the April issue of The Ghazal Page has featured poems that are off-center in some fashion — humorous or unusual formally. As examples, see Roger Sedarat's "" (April 2009) or Esther Mürer’s "Haibun: Failed ghazal with interruptions" (April 2010). These issues spun off from the idea of April Fool’s Day as a pretext for some zaniness. These issues of The Ghazal Page, did not, of course, intend to fool the readers or to play pranks; the purpose was some amusement and lightness of being.

With the new quarterly publication schedule, there will be no April issue of The Ghazal Page. With that in mind, this issue, for the March Equinox, presents ghazals mostly quite in keeping with the April Fool’s idea. Thus, in these eleven poems, you will find puns and other word-play, and humorous attitudes and situations. I hope you will find some lightness, some lift, and some expansion of perspective in these poems.