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Astronomy Challenge

The photo used for the background in this issue comes from NASA's Web site. Thank you, NASA!


Thoughts, like meteors, draw lines in the sky connecting stars and human lives. All the constellations are artifacts of our cultures — poetry, myth, science. Human languages infest the heavens as we name planets, stars, constellations, moons, galaxies … we see ourselves reflected and speak the names of our desires and fears. These poems also draw lines that connect.

"As above, so below." Every existing thing a gem in Indra's Net, each gem reflecting all the others while remaining itself. The eighteen ghazals in this issue form a small but glowing strand of Indra's Jewel Net.

Crazy Heavens

Juliet Wilson

I can’t imagine there’s no Heaven
when I gaze up into the fair heavens.

Comets, red dwarves, black holes and nebulae
it’s so crazy up there in the heavens.

Dragons, a hunter, some dogs and a bull
there are even two bears in the heavens.

The lady who’s sure what glitters is gold
is now buying a Stairway to Heaven.

Meteors inspire poetic thoughts
the poet stares up into the heavens.