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Introduction to the December Solstice Issue

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Editor's Comments

Sat Dec 18 08:49:40 2010

The quarterly schedule for The Ghazal Page &mdash solstices and equinoxes — coincides with the seasons, but the poems are not necessarily seasonal. (And which season we're in depends on the hemisphere we're in.)

Here in the Missouri Ozarks, we don't have truly severe winters, but we do get some ice, some snow, some very cold temperatures. In the last week, we've had snow, temperatures near zero, and freezing drizzle. That weather provides an appropriate context for reading the ghazals in this issue. There are some wintery poems, some spring ones, and some summer. There are love poems and poems of loss.

There is an impressive range of technical approaches in these ghazals, some using both radif and qafiya, some only radif, some only qafiya with a micro-rhyme. One uses neither but remains firmly in the ghazal tradition with its use of couplets. Read them aloud and you'll hear the individual voices of the poems, even where the forms are very similar.

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