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All text and design © 2008, by Bernard Gieske, David Jalajel, Julie Wilson, Noel Brown, Mary Cresswell, and Gene Doty.

Cheesy Moon

Bernard Gieske

Look up and gaze at craters on the cheesy moon.
A cow, a spoon jumping over the cheesy moon.

Opening the refrigerator, what cheese now?
How about more of tasty, crusty, cheesy moon?

Dare I taste the zesty tang of pepper-jack cheese,
Mix and dance with the tango of a cheesy moon?

My office cloudy, loveless, lifeless gray
Could use some life-giving zest of a cheesy moon.

Brie and Camenbert, Ben loves soft and crusty cheese,
Swiss and Gruyère with wide eyes opened, cheesy moon.

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Moon Ghazal #2

David Jalajel

A host of crooning sugar figurines are pressed to sing
pictorial valentines in catacombs above the moon

where sugar bakers are busy packing the catacombs'
latest operations. This tomb in orbit round the moon

looks like the Roman catacombs, apart from the Mexican
bakery shelves stacked with sugar skulls. Above the moon

it's the Day of the Dead, and a stairway takes you where
the Valentine Church commemorates its orbits round the moon

with wine, liquid yeast, cranberry extract and sugar.
You really need to freeze time above the moon

down to a non-existent instant, to take in all
the catalogued death in orbit round the moon

that's packed into these catacombs. Human bones
spinning along the narrow walls above the moon

give living witness to chocolate truffles, custom-made
(for the fair-trade chocolatiers in orbit round the moon)

by the spiritual father of the catacombs. My blood
sugar's been stable these past 2 weeks above the moon

so its 1 tablespoon butter or margarine, 2/3 cup granulated sugar ...
Why not a teaspoon more, while I'm in orbit round the moon,

for coffee at the Church of Saint Valentine, or at
the Sugar Shack Caribbean Café above the moon.

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Malawian Moon

Juliet Wilson

The African sky lit by stars and moon
guiding our feet just the clear shining moon

In the garden the old baobab tree
glows silver below the full rising moon

Rowing across the soft rippling lake
fishermen work under the glowing moon

People dancing all night in the village
a party beneath the sparkling moon

In the morning in Physics, Ms Wilson
teaches class about the orbiting moon

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Noel G. Brown, Sr.

Recorded in the time of counting moons
Life was regulated by the moon

It gave accounting of time events
And to this day we live by the moon

Setting sun prompts love's confession
A picturesque orange rising moon

The rise and fall of ocean's tide
Is ascribed to the awesome moon

Autumn season will set forth
Bailing farm crops during harvest moon

And needless to say of the famous man
Found in the shadows of the full moon

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The Moon

Mary Cresswell

There is yet no bomb on earth that can defuse the moon
No light strong enough to diffuse the moon.

Tonight is dark. I don’t know where we have gone —
When the sun’s gone too, can we re-use the moon?

We stand anxious, bareheaded in the rain, but
Not for all the tea in China can we infuse the moon.

When the right night comes, she’ll shine — She shines
Because even stars cannot confuse the moon.

The man sings and sings, please stay with me, Diana!
How can we be lovers if we refuse the moon?

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A Rattlesnake Moon

Bernard Gieske

Have you ever, he said, seen a rattlesnake moon?
Never, ever, I said. What's a rattlesnake moon?

One that captures solar light, soaking up its heat.
Surely, I said, I have seen that rattlesnake moon.

One that holds you tight with its swoon of dreamy light.
Oh, I said, I've been bitten by rattlesnake moon.

One that strikes, injects you with the bite of love.
Yes, I said, a victim of a rattlesnake moon.

One that shuns the clouds driving the shadows away.
That, I said, could not be a rattlesnake moon.

One that sheds it skin at night, bedevils in black.
How, I said, I gladly miss that rattlesnake moon.

One that frightens daylight out of you with delight.
Ah, I said, Ben told me of that rattlesnake moon.

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