Ghazals for 2004.

2004 Ghazals, Set Six 2004 Ghazals, Set Five
2004 Ghazals, Set Four 2004 Ghazals, Set Three.
I continue to be pleased with the steady flow of good ghazals into my mailbox. This page provides links to this year's ghazals as each set is available.

The Ghazal Page presents poems that relate to the ghazal tradition in a variety of ways, from full compliance with the traditional forms to very free use of disjunct couplets. It remains to be seen how the ghazal form will be acclimated to Enlish. I hope that this page does its part in that process.

As well as original ghazals, please send me reviews and prose pieces on the ghazal. I would like to see the prose section take life again

When I began publishing, my name was Eugene Warren. I've just put online information on two of my Eugene Warren and how to buy them. Both books described are out-of-print; my copies, however, are new, albeit they've been in boxes awhile.
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The king-fisher shaman dances.